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3D Acoustic Modeling

3D Acoustic Modeling

What 3D Acoustic Modeling services do we offer you?

Acoustic Associates have used CATT-Acoustics on a wide variety of projects including BB93 Schools Acoustics, Concert Hall Design, Church Acoustics, Shopping Centres, Live-Room Design, Recording Studio Design, Lecture Theaters, Drama Studios and Multi-Purpose Spaces. Different rooms will have different acoustic requirements:

  • For a school classroom or a lecture room, audibility of the teachers voice is paramount. To attain good audibility, this requires that the reverberation time (i.e. the amount of time it takes for the echo of sound to decay) in the room be as short as possible.
  • CATT-Acoustics enables us to predict the acoustic performance of a room accurately before building takes place. CATT-Acoustics means we can work out the best possible acoustic treatment for your purpose and budget.

What is CATT-Acoustics?

CATT-Acoustics is predictive computer software that allows us to create a 3D model of a room and then determine how it will perform acoustically. We will use CATT-Acoustics before the building process, to offer advice to an architectural design team. We also use CATT-Acoustics for existing rooms. Acoustically these could be rooms that are not performing as required or, the rooms use is going to change to one where the acoustics will become important.

What's Next?

If you would like to speak to one of our experienced consultants regarding our acoustic modelling services, please get in touch and we can guide you through the different possibilities.

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